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Image by Ismael Reis


Enhancing Ingredient Flavors with our Smokeless Healthy Roaster

Our innovative smokeless healthy roaster is designed to elevate the natural flavors of ingredients, providing a unique culinary experience. Unlike traditional roasters, our device ensures a completely smoke-free environment, making it suitable for use around clothing and hair without leaving any undesirable odors. This feature has particularly resonated with women and individuals returning from work, contributing to its growing popularity.

The incorporation of a water cooling pipe made from aluminum not only prevents excessive burning but also facilitates a controlled baking process. Our roaster boasts an abundance of ceramic charcoal, emitting far-infrared rays that penetrate deep into the food, resulting in a plump and tender finish. Moreover, this technology promotes a healthier outcome by effectively melting away excess fat.

For those who are health-conscious and refrain from yakiniku for dietary reasons, our roaster provides a guilt-free indulgence. You can now savor the rich flavors of yakiniku without the concerns of burnt meat or excess fat, ensuring a delightful and wholesome dining experience.

Image by Ismael Reis
Image by Ismael Reis

Experience an exceptional dining atmosphere at our stylish restaurant, where all seats are designed as tables, and semi-private rooms offer an added touch of intimacy with elegant curtains. 


The establishment is fully barrier-free, featuring an elevator for enhanced accessibility. Immerse yourself in a resort-inspired setting, providing a versatile space for intimate meals or gatherings. 


Beyond the inviting ambiance, indulge in the finest meat selections, meticulously prepared to satisfy discerning palates. Our commitment to excellence extends to both the menu and the sophisticated yet comfortable surroundings, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable dining experience.


Image by Ismael Reis

We offer a wide variety of menus, including an assortment of the day's recommended cuts and colorful cocktails.

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